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Yasser's Guarantee About Bangladesh

Bangladesh only participated in the World Cup as a participating team during the World Cup But the time has changed. In the last few years, England have won the World Cup by telling their own strength, Lal-Sabujara Experienced and youngsters are making a dream come true with the team this year, the cricket crazy Bengalis are dreaming. Yusir Ali Rabbi, the young right-hander batsman, is no exception. Chittagong cricketer has guaranteed Bangladesh with the promise of a competitive game in the World Cup.

Recently, in an exclusive interview with NTV Online, he got the opportunity for the first time in the national team, while talking about the mixed feeling of not having the original XI. In addition, he said he hopes to be with his country in the World Cup.

The first national team to get a chance, but due to the combination of the combination of these two experiences can not play in the main eleven?

In fact, going to the first tour with the national team, it is a great experience for me. I learned a lot from this tour. Maybe the team did not play for combinations. Here's the interests of the country before Before the team Because of which a very bad job did not work. When I have the opportunity, maybe I can play for the country. I'm trying to do the same to me.

The first national team camp with the seniors, how was the whole time of the tour?

The tour was very good. Because everyone is big cricketer, experienced cricketer. Maybe there were a couple in the league but everyone was not shared with the dressing room before. There are many great opportunities for me to stay with all. Every moment I learned a lot. I learned all about how they do, how to prepare for mental preparation.

How did you get help from everyone?

Everyone was very cooperative. He told me that maybe team is not playing for combinations. You work hard, when the opportunity will come, play, play well, keep it in mind. Thus, they have mentally boosted me every day.

The disappointment of not being able to wait for anointing?

The disappointment of not being able to play in his first tour did not work. Before us country They did so in the interest of the country that they have been treated as good. And here I have nothing in hand.

Before the return of a captain or a coach?

There was nothing like that. But before returning, they called the coaches, saying they would not be sad for not playing. We want you to get better. You can practice in HP so that you can return to the team very hard. It was like talking about everyone back.

Standby? How to prepare yourself at any time to run?

I do not want to hit anyone in the World Cup. But cricket uncertainty game If for some reason the call is made, then I am mentally prepared for the game. Physically also made. Actually, we play cricket. If there is an additional pressure here, nothing happens at the end of the day. If I get the chance I will try to play my normal game and there will be no pressure.

Coming to the title of the title, how was the situation of dressing room after Gemini was out on the final day?

Tension was working in the middle of all. It is very frustrating if they lose so much after losing in the final to the final. From my own experience, when Mithun Bhai was out, there was some fear in Mashaddek. Mosaddek is a very good batsman, there is no doubt about his talent. But he could not play for the national team for a long time. I was very scared about how to do it. Yet he had faith, Mosaddek is a Strike, Riyadh brother. Both of these innings will come to an end.

Despite the continuity, the previous BPL came to the discussion. Do you think BPL was turning point?

I do not really just call a tournament for my career's turning point. Since my injury, I have scored roughly in each of the series. I give all the tournaments equal importance. Because if I did not do well in those things, I could not reach the BPL. So I would say that every tournament played after the injury was the turning point for me in every tournament.

How fast is the aim of the future?

One of my goals is that I want to serve Bangladesh for a long time. I am determined to achieve that goal. The rest is on luck. Prepare with HP Want to reach your goal step by step.

What is the expectation of your country in the World Cup?

We played very well in the last few matches. It seems to me that the triumph of the tri-series will increase our confidence in our cricketers. The confidence in the World Cup will be useful in each of our matches. The result of the Harry-Zitti match will be one. But I guarantee that we will play competitive matches in each match. Not only that, we have the ability to win the World Cup now.

Somebody follow the batsmen?

I follow most of our batsmen, Tamim Bhai. He likes batting. If the question is who is my favorite batsman? I'll tell Tamim's brother before this. But this kind of goodness has never been called Una. He did not even talk about cricket. But he sometimes helped me stay mentally strong. Have a lot of suggestions.

I heard that your mother wanted to make an artist from cricket there, how?

My father wanted me to make a cricketer. But the mother wanted to sing. But did not stop playing cricket. He wanted to sing alongside the game. He used to listen to many songs. He used to say, besides fulfilling his father's wish, he would fulfill his wish. Keeps music teacher for me. I did not like these teachers teaching teachers, mothers, mothers and legs. When the music teacher entered the door in front of us, I would run away from the back door and go play. And not learned. Mind in cricket

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