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World number one Steve Guerdat wins third FEI Jumping World Cup title | Guerradat of Switzerland won the jumping World Cup for the third time, the fifth horseman to do so

Guerradatt did the World Cup in 2015 and 2016
Martin Fuchs II and Piedr Fridiscan finished third in the finals

Sports desk Steve Gueradat of Switzerland, the world's number one horseman, won the FIE jumping world cup for the third time. He had won this title in 2015 and 2016. He is the fifth cavalier in the world to become the champion of three times. Before that, Germany's Meredith Mitchell-Beerbum, Mark Ahning, Rodrigo Pessoa of Brazil and Hugo Simone of Austria did this. Seaman won the first world cup in 1979.

Gueradat won gold medal at the 2012 Olympics

Guerradat's compatriot Martin Fus II and Sweden's Piedr Friedisken stayed in third place. Gold medalist Gueradat in the 2012 Olympics said after winning, "I was not confident of playing the final. I was nervous after the speed class on Friday, but the end was fantastic."

Guerradat said, "Crossing the obstacles is dependent on the horse. I try to do the best with focus on my ride. The horse supported me well. When I was young, dreaming of winning the World Cup. Was. "

Guerradat, 36, said, "It was great to be a champion for the first time in 2015. It was also special to be a winner in 2016 in Gutenberg." At the other end, Martin Fusz congratulated them on winning the second place. He said, "If I lose, it is good that Guerradata becomes the winner, he is my friend and companion of training."


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