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What will India do if the opponent in the World Cup finals?

The ongoing war-torn conditions in India-Pakistan are triggered in the Pulwama in Kashmir In the event of a suicide attack, about 44 members of the Indian paramilitary force were killed. Then there was a war situation between the two countries. The tide of tension comes to the cricket field. Talks about boycotting cricket matches with Pakistan. Even former World Cup cricketers and experts in the World Cup said they would not play with Pakistan.

This year's World Cup format is round Robin League. This means every team participating in the World Cup will face each other. For normal reasons, India will face Pakistan in the group stage. Many Indian former cricketers preferred to give Pakistan two points if they did not play the match. But the question is, if India is to face Pakistan in the knockout stage or the World Cup final, what will India do?

Former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir has been vocal against Pakistan in the media since the Pulwama incident. In an interview with the media, the former opener said, once India's decision to boycott the final against Pakistan, it should also be left to India.

Gambhir also said, "The ban is not on condition. It does not matter that we will boycott the group match, it will not be applicable for knockout rounds. Either you have to close everything with Pakistan or else all the doors should be opened. Indeed, it would be difficult for India to boycott Pakistan in the ICC tournament. But at least in Asia Cup, they can stop playing against them. "

Gambhir, a member of India's 2011 World Cup winning team, said, "A match or two points are not important, it is important that the country is important. 44 soldiers killed more than a cricket match is much more important. Therefore, Pakistan should prepare to leave the match if Pakistan gets the final. "

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