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"What a wonderful Messi, great experience from the front!"

For many years at the cricket ground, the opponents bowed to bowlers. Bowlers have spent countless sleepless nights in the thought of getting him out. He was famous for keeping his head cold in extreme disasters and jaw-dropping promise to win the team. After the retirement, the role of coach in the cricket field remained. But recently, the world's leading batsman has surprised everyone by appearing in the football field. He did not appear in the football club field, he was seen by football superstar Lionel Messi in Barcelona. It is said that Rahul Dravid, famous for his 'The Wall'.

Spain La Liga champions on Sunday night and topped Barcelona this season, athletico Madrid, second place in the league table. India's famous cricketer Rahul Dravid saw the match at the Bar Campus in New Delhi. During this time his family members were also with him. It was not futile to fly away from Spain in the middle of Dravid. Favorite team Barcelona defeated the Athletics by 2-0 goals, gave Indian stars the joy of winning

At the end of the match, President of Barcelona Club Josep Maria Bartoumur met Rahul Dravid. The President of Barça also received great courtesy to get the world-famous superstar of cricket ground. Barca Boss handed over the name of Dravid to the Catalan jersey officially. The Indian star also accepts the jersey in Jasimukhi.

Basically fans of Lionel Messi were impressed to see the favorite star playing at Dravid Field. Messi fits all the expectations in the match. Viewing the incredible football of Argentine wizard in front of the eyes, Dravid said, "How wonderful Messi is on the ball legs, that's a great experience from the front. If he is not on the ball, but he is trying to find empty spaces in the field. It's incredible experience. I do not think there's someone better than that in football history. "

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