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West Indies can win World Cup

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The World Cup has been playing around. Only 9 days after the 12th edition of the one-day tournament in England starts in England. The preparations for the final moments of the preparations and preparations for the teams are going on before the start of the tournament. Analysts and former cricketers are constantly reporting their expert opinion. Brian Lara, West Indian legendary batsman Brian Lara, who wrote the name on the list. Recently, in an exclusive interview to a cricketing media, Lara said about his 2019 World Cup, It is highlighted for the readers of NTV Online, the magnet part of the interview.

The West Indies once ruled one-day cricket. Clive Lloyd's team won the World Cup in 1975 and 1979. What is your assessment of the Caribbean team?

Lara: West Indies cricket was the best time then. After winning the two World Cups in the 1983 World Cup, the West Indies went to the final. It can be understood, how strong we were at that time. The world's best bowling attack was the team, who won the match after the match. And the batting division was absolutely perfect.

Q: Brian Lara has never won a World Cup, does it hurt?

Lara: When the World Cup is near, I have to burn the matter. Now I am 50 years old. It is not possible for me to win the World Cup. But it must be admitted that the West Indies were not the most powerful team in our time. We tried our best. Even I won the Champions Trophy, but the World Cup did not win.

Q: What is the most essential quality of a team to win the World Cup?

Lara: Continuity. A team has to win the game after the match and the confidence will be achieved as the tournament progresses. You can not win matches with just batting or bowling, you have to balance the team. The World Cup will be around 50 days, so continuation will be an important factor. If a team breaks the rhythm in the middle, then it will be in danger. That's why I said the continuation.

Q: Do you think the West Indies will be the champion?

Lara: I think, why not, why not. There are some great cricketers in the West Indies squad. They have done well in T20 format. Now it's time to do well in 50-over cricket. Our cricketers are in a formidable form, now they have to keep their heads cool and have to look at the continuity. The goal of the semifinal game should be primarily theirs. From there you will start again.

Defense: What will you say about the Indian team?

Lara: I do not think anyone would be surprised if India won the World Cup. They are playing well in different conditions. The Indian team is quite balanced. If they win the World Cup, it will not be an accident. No doubt, they are a very strong team.

Q: Do you think England will start as a new favorite?

Lara: I can not say whether they are favorites or not, but they are definitely claiming to win the World Cup. The host team wants to win the title in any sport. So naturally, England will want to win the World Cup by their best. We must also remember that since the World Cup in 1975, they never won the title. Now England will try more than any of the past. In fact, their party this year is also very cool. If you look at their team, then critics will also be forced to say that there are great cricketers in all departments.

Q: What do you say about the Australia team?

Lara: Smith and Warner's return will definitely boost their strength. In our time, the real world was ruled by the Ashes But the current team is not as strong as the 1999 or 2003 Ashes team. But do not forget, they are defending champions. Of course, they will want to lift the title this time.

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