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'We are not afraid of anyone'

The war-torn Afghanistan secured Test status in ODIs and 2017 in 2009. But the recent emergence of the party has captured many eyes. In particular, in the second Test match they got to win a great win and made history. The team's recent success has made the players very confident.

Players' voices will be heard quite confidently Rashid Khan, one of the best stars of the team, said that they are not afraid of anyone in the World Cup.

Afghanistan lose to Ireland in Test match He has taken five wickets for 82 runs in the match and the important contribution of the team.

In an interview with AFP recently, Rashid Khan said, "We have talent, we have the skills, which boosted our self-confidence. We have proved that we can defeat any team. "

And to the team players, he said, 'The only thing is to believe in your skills. Just be relaxed in the big match and enjoy your game and we should be in the World Cup. '

Khan made his ODI debut at the age of 17 in 2015. Regarding this achievement, he said, "Working with different coaches and players is really helpful in improving your skills. Their thinking and experience and really will help you improve your game.

Rashid came to the attention of the cricket world, taking 100 wickets in 44 matches in one-day cricket. Regarding this success, he said, 'I only pay attention to practice. Do not put any pressure on yourself, I try to enjoy my game. I do not get wickets or enjoy, I enjoy bowling myself. I have an eye on doing the job properly and bowling better. I do not pay attention to the fruit, pay attention to my hard work. '

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