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Virat Kohli, who has surpassed Tendulkar's record, surpassed Tendulkar

Virat Kohli did not leave much room in the two hands. The two arms in the tattoo are covered. Just like the cover of the cover of his cricket career. He made another new achievement, becoming the fastest batsman to score 11,000 runs in one-day cricket.

Kohli's regret is that after the debut, Pakistan could still not play. So, this antitrians against their own new record!

Sachin's possession was the record for the fastest 11,000 runs in one-day cricket history. He created this world record by playing 276 innings. Virat Kohli has surpassed Sachin In the 222 innings with a great half-century, the star batsman named 11,000 runs in the club.

Kohli is in third place among the best batsmen for India in ODIs. Sachin played 452 innings and scored 18,426 runs. Second-placed Sourav Ganguly scored 11111 runs in 297 innings. Kohli scored 11, seven runs in 71 runs, till the last time he got the news against Pakistan.

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting scored record of 11,000 runs in 286 innings

Prior to this, there are several records that have been deposited in Kohily's possession. As the first Indian batsman, he made three centuries in a bilateral series. One day in the bilateral series, the first batsman to score more than 500 runs.

Virat Kohli holds the record for most runs in a bilateral series as captain.

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