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Tramp's country is not Coppa America!

April 13, 13:19, | Updated: April 13, 13, 13:23
Copa America, one of the oldest and most prestigious football events in South America. World Football is considered the oldest competition in the Copa América asar And this is going to be the beginning of June in Copenhagen in June. But next year's sitar will sit next. In the 2020, the United States expressed its interest to host the event. But Argentina and Colombia, the Latin football governing body, conjointly opted to jointly host the next tournament.

Recently held in Miami, the formal meeting of the South American Football Confederation (congresses). Argentina-Colombian proposal that is interested in organizing the 2020 Copa of the meeting was accepted. The 'Latin Football' slogan in front of their own viewers of the country has considered the organizers' committee. So the United States rejected the offer of the condominium company.

Kopar next season will be a little surprising. Generally 10 teams compete in the Copa America tournament. Twelve teams will take part in this year's Brazil tournament. However, Conmabal has planned to host KOPA with 16 countries in 2020. Parties will play in four groups. Two group games will be played in Argentina and Colombia. Argentina and Colombia will host a semifinal But the final will be in two World Cup winning countries in Argentina.

Argentina, known as the superpower of Latin football, organized the last Copa America in 2011. And the last one was held in 2001 in Colombia. The Argentina-Colombia tournament is going to be the fourth season of Copper in the last six years. In 2016, after the Copa being held in Chile in 2016, the special year to complete the centenary year was in the United States. This year the fourth season of Brazil will be held in 2020 after the third season. Since then, Conmabal has finalized the decision to organize a Copa, every four years, as the World Cup and Euro Cup.

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