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Tokyo Olympics | Tokyo 2020 Olympics expected to cost 12.6 billion dollar final budget unveiled | Tokyo Olympics will cost around 89 thousand 460 crores, 2028 Los Angeles games will be held in half

Los Angeles Olympics of 2028 will cost about 48 thousand 990 crores
Controversy between the Organizing Committee and the Government of Japan over the rising expenses of Tokyo Olympics
Dispute between the organizing committee and the IOC over the expense of changing the marathon venue

Dainik BhaskarDec 20, 2019, 03:12 PM IST Tokyo. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will cost about 89 thousand 460 crores ($ 12.6 dollars). On Friday, the organizers presented the final budget for these games. However, 2028 Los Angeles Olympics will be organized in half i.e. around 48 thousand 990 crores. At the same time, about 20 thousand Paris Olympics will cost about 53 thousand 960 crores. Out of this, the government will give about 10 thousand crore rupees.

There is a dispute between the International Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee over the increasing expenses at the Olympic Games in Japan. The two sides are at loggerheads over the issue of shifting the marathon to the northern city of Saparo, especially in the summer. An estimated 3 billion yen (about Rs 195 crore) is to be spent on it. The issue of who will bear this cost is not yet resolved.

Special paint will be applied on the roads to combat heat
According to Gakuji Eto, executive director of the financial department at the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, we are talking to the IOC daily about changing the marathon due to the summer. However, it has not yet been resolved. The organizing committee has made several arrangements to deal with the heat. Water spray will be sprayed with heat absorbing paint on the roads.

Organizing committee increased income from domestic sponsorship and tickets by 1955 crores
According to the organizing committee, income has increased by about 1955 crores due to domestic sponsorship and ticket sales. However, this amount is equal to the amount spent on transportation, safety and heat avoidance measures. Apart from this, an emergency fund of 1759 crores has been set aside for natural disasters.

IOC asks organizing committee to cut expenses
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is also concerned with the increasing expenses of the event. It fears that this will prevent many countries from hosting these games in the coming years. As such, it has appealed to Japan to cut costs. However, some sports associations in Japan fear that budget cuts will not only harm the players, but also reduce the grandeur of the game.

The Government of Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Region (local bodies) are jointly organizing these games. The budget share is also equal. However, there is a dispute between the government and the organizing committee over the increasing expenditure. Around 9772 crores spent on the newly built National Stadium has raised questions. Japan's Board of Audit report on government expenditure has revealed shocking. Accordingly, between 2013 and 2018, the government spent about 1.06 trillion yen. Which is 10 times the budget of Tokyo Olympics.

However, Gakuji, Executive Director of the Financial Department in the Organizing Committee, believes that the estimated expenditure reported so far in this report also added the amount that is not directly related to the running of the Games.

New National Stadium is ready in 2 years
Meanwhile, an aerial photo of the National Stadium has been revealed. It has a photo dated 19 April 2017, the day the construction of the new stadium began. At the same time, the second picture is of 13 November 2019, when it was ready. It is in this stadium that the Olympic opening and closing ceremony will take place.

87 percent wood used in new stadium
The newly constructed National Stadium uses 87% wood. The wood was brought from the jungles of 47 provinces in Japan that were devastated by the 2011 tsunami. The aim is to keep the audience connected to nature and not feel hot. For this, 185 large fans and cooling noses have also been installed at 8 places. The 5-storey main stadium has been completed for about 10 thousand crores. 60 thousand visitors will be able to sit here.

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