This Old Mankading incident of Ashwin Shows Difference between Players & Legends Sachin came asked Viru to withdraw the appeal & Viru Did | Ashwin did not do it for the first time, run out of 'mankding' way, even after 7 years, he did exactly that - Online Betting Guides
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This Old Mankading incident of Ashwin Shows Difference between Players & Legends Sachin came asked Viru to withdraw the appeal & Viru Did | Ashwin did not do it for the first time, run out of 'mankding' way, even after 7 years, he did exactly that

                            Sports desk IPL match between Kings XI Punjab and Rajasthan Royals was played on Monday (March 25th) in 2019. The manner in which Jos Buttler was dismissed in this match has been a huge controversy. Buttler Standing on non-striker end, Ashwin dismissed when he got out of the crease before throwing the ball. This method of getting out is called 'mankding'. Although this is not the first time Ashwin has run out any batsman like this. In an International match that took place seven years ago, he had dismissed a batsman like that, but then the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar stopped him from doing so and saved the team from being rigid.

Sachin had stopped the mistake …

In the year 2012, Team India was playing a tri-series on Australian soil. Whose third team was Sri Lanka. During the series, the ODI match between India and Sri Lanka was played on February 21, 2012.
In the 40th over of this match, Ashwin had similarly run out of Lahiru Thirimane, standing on non striker end, in the 'Mankad' manner. After this, the then captain Virender Sehwag was also celebrating with Ashwin.
– It does not look good to Sachin Tendulkar, the most senior player of the team. He immediately approached Sehwag and advised him to withdraw the appeal. After which Sehwag had withdrawn his appeal to dismiss him and recalled the batsmen back.
– Even at that time. What Ashwin did was within the purview of the rules, but after this, showing the spirit of the game, the master blaster stopped him from doing so and saved the Indian team from being rusty. Although Ashwin was very young at the time, therefore, he was not considered guilty for appealing.

That's why Sachin says to Gentleman

– The video of this incident took place 7 years ago is becoming viral once again on social media. Sachin, Sehwag and Ashwin are seen in this video. Sharing this video is fencing, so that Sachin Tendulkar is called gentleman and true sportsman.

Ashwin dismissed Butler in the 13th over

– Royals, who were chasing the target of 184 runs during the match between Punjab and Rajasthan, were looking strong due to the presence of Butler on the crease playing at 69. Ashwin came in to bowl 13th over They stopped throwing the 5th ball and during this time Butler went ahead of the crease. Ashwin runs him out. After being out in this manner Butler fret in His Ashwin was also debated. This match was lost by Royals by 14 runs.

Thats why SACHIN TENDULKAR Called Gentleman & True Sportsman.This old #Mankading incident of Ashwin Shows Diff Between Players & Legends Sachin came asking Viru to withdraw the appeal and Viru Did (Viru was initially celebrating with Ashwin) #AshwinMankads
– Sachin Tendulkar 🇮🇳 Fans (@CrickeTendulkar) 26 March 2019

BCCI also said wrong

– In the manner of Ashwin's dismissal, the BCCI is not happy too. In this case, the IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla expressed his disapproval of tweeting. He wrote, "There was a meeting between the captains, the match referee. Here I was also present as an IPL Chairman. It was decided that if a non-strike batsman goes ahead of the crease at the time of bowling, then he will not be run out. It was decided due to gameplay. As far as I remember, this meeting took place in Kolkata at the beginning of an IPL edition. Dhoni and Kohli were also present there. '

Cricketers condemn Ashwin

Shane Warne: Former Australian leg spinner said: "Ravichandran Ashwin is extremely disappointed with the captain and the person. All the captains sign the IPL Wall and agree to match the game spirit. The intention of throwing Ashwin's ball was not at all. In this case, it should be termed deadball. Now it is over the BCCI, because it is not good for the IPL.

Mohammed Kaif: Even though Ashwin did what was in accordance with the rules, he should have shown the game spirit. He did the same for the last time, but then Captain Sehwag had withdrawn the appeal.

Ian Morgan: The England middle-order batsman said: I do not believe in what I see in the IPL. This is a very bad example for youngsters who are going to come. I think Ashwin should apologize.

Michael von: Former England captain and opener said – If Butler had been warned it would have been fine. If he was not warned and it was the first time, then I think that Ashwin did not do well. Let's see how many such times it is now.

Buttler 'Munking' for the second time

– This is the second chance when Jos Buttler 'has been' shooting. Earlier, he was mudding in ODIs against Sri Lanka in 2014. He was then warned by the bowler, pictured Senanayake before throwing the ball, but he still got out of the crease. At the time Butler was playing 21 runs and England's score was 199. Sri Lanka won that match by 6 wickets.


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