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'There is no shortcut in life', Sachin told the boy

'Do not go short in life, do not take shortcut paths.' Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar gave advice to his father, Ramesh Tendulkar. Over time, Sachin himself is now the father of two sons. Boy Arjun Tendulkar walks on his father's way. And gave his son the same advice as the Master of the Blaster. Saying to the boy, Shortcuts never comes to success.

Indian media Times Now news has said that after the end of the IPL, the T20 league is going on in different states of India. One of them is the T-20 Mumbai League. Arjun, son-in-law, is playing in this tournament for the Sky Tigers Western Submar franchisee. Performance is also quite good. Arjuna's team played in the semifinals of the tournament at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Saturday.

Asked whether his son had learned to handle the pressure in a big match, Sachin said, "I never force anybody to force him. I did not press Arjun to play cricket. Before and after playing football. Later, his interest in the press increased. And now playing cricket.

Sachin also said, "I told Arjun, there is no shortcut in life. One of the keys to success is hard work.

'It is very important to learn and make yourself strong constantly. It's an ongoing process, 'added Sachin.

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