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The World Cup worried about the ICC!

Cricket World Cup The biggest screening of cricket is going to be screened on Thursday. The ICC is concerned about some issues in this event.

International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive David Richardson has recently expressed this concern to the BBC. In this regard, he said, "I was so excited in the last 1992, because at that time I played cricket myself. There is a lot of demand for tickets in the United Kingdom and global, which is our optimism. But there are some things that we do not control, that's mainly our concern. "


It's almost always in England, this rain, this rain. Richardson said, "There are some things in such an event that no one is in control. For example, we can not control the weather. '

That is, in the World Cup this year, some matches that can be caught in the bad weather, he has already kept the glimpse of it.


There is always a concern about safety in any event organizers. Since the 2009 direct attack on the Sri Lankan team on Pakistan soil, the ICC has been monitoring the issue further.

This concern may have increased after the Bangladesh National Cricket Team's tour during this year, a group of close friends, a terrorist attack on Christchurch in New Zealand and recent bombings in Sri Lanka.

But the ICC chief executive says that satisfactory action has already been taken against the security. He said, 'We are talking about it around the world. We know it. We reduce the risk. '

Match up

Dave Richardson has said that he has a very tough position on the issue of match-fixing. About this, he said, "In the last 12 months, the work of anti-corruption unit is visible, we now know who is doing this. They have been arranged so that they can not stay anywhere in the World Cup. '

Although this is a discussion about the format of the World Cup, it is quite astonishing, but David Richardson, optimistic about the format, is the 10th World Cup, but this is the best format, where the best teams will fight.

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