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The theme of the World Cup is May 17

08 May 2015, 13:56 | Updated: May 08, 14:50

Breaking the jaw, Mitchell Johnson and Brendon McCullum are trying to storm the bat, playing 'It's time for As, Tale Mi You Get the Power' in the background. Remember the famous 2015 theme of the World Cup? Or 'de slum' in the 2011 World Cup held in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka? The Bangladeshi cricketers had become more popular in Bangla language. But another World Cup came in the door, but the official theme code is still not published. When the speculation-imagination will be published, it will be officially published on 17th May, this year, the theme of the World Cup will be 'Theme Song'.

Recently, the ICC's highest controller and the organizing body of the World Cup, the ICC has said that the World Cup theme "Stand by" will be heard by fans from around the world on May 17. In addition to promoting television, cricket fans can listen to the song through YouTube and other social networks. The song has been made in the joint effort of the newcomer Lauren with the famous British band Rudimental.

Since the establishment of the Rudimental Band in 2011, their published album has sold more than 2 million. They do not even have to find talented new artists. They have found their fellow collaborator Lorin in the World Cup theme group from North Canada. Laksmish, a member of the Rudimental band, said in the theme Song, 'The main message of the song is unity. Our goal was to bring people from all walks of life together with our tunes.

Steve Elworthy, executive director of the World Cup organizing committee, spoke about the official theme song, "There is no way to accept the impact and importance of music on the sports platform. Encouraging players and viewers, and a familiar tune of celebrating happy moments together. I am hopeful that this year's theme will be the World Cup.

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