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The struggle for the dreams of Bangladesh is today

Seeing the end came 'Bangamata U-19 Women International Gold Cup 2019' Football Tournament. The six-nation football tournament will be screened today with the final match. From the beginning of the tournament, the girls of Bangladesh have come to the fore At the end of the group stage, the semi-finals were played in the final and the coach Golam Rabbani Chhoton's disciples got up. Today's match will be held in Bangabandhu National Stadium on Friday at 6pm, while women from under-19 teams will face Laos in the final. Sanjida-Tahura-Marjarias will win the fame of dreaming

Bangladeshi girls are getting strong teams as their opponents in the biggest match of the tournament. The group has scored 18 goals in the group stage and the semifinals. After losing 5-0 goals to Mongolia in the group stage, Laos defeated Tajikistan 6-0. In the semi-finals, they made Kyrgyzstan 7-1. Bangladesh, on the other hand, got 2-0 in the United Arab Emirates and Kyrgyzstan 2-1 in the semis. Bangladesh beat Mongolia by 3-0 goals in the semi-finals.

Before the final, the team of two teams expressed their hope of winning the official press conference on Thursday. Bangladesh team coach Golam Rabbani expressed his hope to become the champion, saying, "The first goal of the final is met. Now wins the title of Bangamata Football's first season to be remembered.

However, in front of the striking attack of Laos, Bangladesh must be given a tough test, according to coach Rabbani. The final said, "It is not easy for our defenders to get the same tests in the previous three matches. Their real test will be in the final. Because, Laos's attack is very strong. But hopefully our defenders will be able to play together. "

The girls of Bangladesh are playing finals in the country as favorites. Bangladesh captain Misrat Jahan Moushumi, however, refused to accept this as an additional pressure. "We have played in the first-ever tournament in our own field," he said, hoping to play pressure-free football in the final. It's not any pressure. Our goal is to keep the house trophy in the house. We will play in that final. "

On the other hand, Laos coach indicated the game of aggressive football in the final, as did the whole tournament. "It is difficult to host against any team in any tournament, we know that it will not be easy with host Bangladesh, we know that. But these girls have the experience of playing and winning against hosts in AFC and other competitions. Our primary goal is to cross the semifinals and go to the final. The team is ready for the last fight. The way we played in the last matches, we want to play aggressively in the final. "

The group's two factions in the group stage, Sirat Jahan Swapna, who got injury to the team, are not getting into the final. However, the coach, who scored two goals in the tournament, returned to his starting eleven after recovering from the government's injury.

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