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The roman of Bangladesh won silver in Thailand

Thailand Sana of Bangladesh could not succeed in the Asia Cup World Ranking Tournament (Stage-1) final in Thailand. This archive of Bangladesh has won the silver medal for Kazakhstan's representative.

Today, Romania lost the quarter-finals to Thailand's capital Bangkok in the final of the Ryderv men's quarter-final match against Abdullen Ilfat of Kazakhstan.

Roman lost in the first set with 29-27 points in the second set. One of the best writers in the world could not survive in the end. He was beaten by 28-27 points in the second set. In the third set, winning 29-28 points, Romano again gave a fight However, in the fourth set 29-24 points, the silver medal given to be satisfied with the romanake

In the semi-final on Thursday, Archbishop Thaibong Witheyaya, the hosts, went into the final with a 6-2 set point. His opponent in the final, Abdullin Ilafat of Kazakhstan.

Ryderov's men got into the Roman semifinals, losing to Sykesdereziev Bayer of Russia 7-3 set points. Earlier, Myanmar's Nein Lin and K had lost in the 7-3 set points in the quarter-finals. Imdadul Haq Milon 7-1 in the fight against Malaysian's opponent and Hakim Ahmed Rubel lost to Russia's opponent in the 6th set.

In the semifinal match of compound men's singles, Asim Kumar Das of Bangladesh has lost 144-140 points to Iran's opponent. After the bronze win, India finished fourth by 145-142 points to the contender. Asim's teammate Abul Kashem Mamun and Sheikh Sajib got farewell from the quarter-finals of the same event. In the quarterfinals of compound women's singles, Sushmita Banerjee lost by 144-141 points to Muskan Kirar of India. Earlier, the last rituals of the sixteenth of Bangladesh took a turn to the flood of the flood, Boro Akter.

Roman will compete in the gold medal on Saturday, Abdul Kalam of Kazakhstan Abdullen Elfat The final match starts at 4:40 pm local time.

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