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The ICC said in the World Cup security measures

ICC Chief Executive Officer David Richardson said the possible maximum security measures will be made in this year's Cricket World Cup in England. In addition to the cricketer during the World Cup, the ICC official told the officials of the official, concerned officials, visitors, fans and others, to provide flawless security. The company's top official told the media that it will not show any relaxation on other issues before security.

Recently, Bangladesh cricket team members traveling to New Zealand survived a little from the incident of a terrorist attack on Christchurch. Around 50 people were killed in a mosque in front of the Hagley Oval Stadium in Christchurch during Friday prayers. At that time there was no official or any other person in charge of the security of Bangladesh cricketers present at the venue. After the incident, the question has been raised about the safety of the upcoming events of the ICC. Especially in front of the England World Cup. In the meantime, questions have been raised from various quarters about the security situation in place, keeping in view the current world situation.

In response to these discussions, ICC official David Richardson said, "The New Zealand incident has surprised many. This incident has meant that there is no scope for security in the coming days, especially in the forthcoming World Cup.

World Cup will be held from May 30 to July 14. As the organizing body of the organization, the ICC has to keep an eye on the security issue. In this regard, Richardson said, "We have completed the necessary planning work, together with every security agency in England and the director of the World Cup security, all together," Richardson said in a statement. There will be no error for all attempts to ensure maximum security in the room. Even after the special situation arises, we will rearrange our plans.

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