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Taitaham in the final of Moura's hat-trick

Lucas Moura showed his best. Dale Ali played amazing Photo: Collected

Lukas Moura's hat-trick in the second leg was 2-0, but Tottenham lost to the final. At the end of the score 3-2 Tottenham lost to Ayax 3-2 on the ground in Amsterdam.

That means, Tottenham will face Liverpool in the Champions League final in Madrid on June 1.

But the start of the English team is not good at all. This is the first leg of the one goal in the first leg of the match, then the second leg is also behind the two goals. Moura's hat-trick was necessary to win. And he came to meet the need. Along with it, Dele Ali was talking about. Moura's contribution to both of the three goals.

From the beginning of the Champions League, Ayax has taken everyone's attention. The team made a place in the semifinals after seeing one by one. Even before the start of the match they came with the message of the final. And to give it five minutes to start the game, the hard way, Ayaks. De Lit took the team forward. Tottenham's goalkeeper, Lauris, did not let TeddyT's shot fall into the trap just before. Reduce the panic of the corner, but D. Leit scored the head of the corner from the corner.

And this did not stop the team. In the 35th minute Hakim Ziech again goes back to the wonderful shot Ayaks.

While the Ayaks were ahead, the game was running equal. On the one hand, this group hosts the attack, on the other hand Tottenham is on the other hand. Tottenham's two-shot goal would have been as if he was getting the final of the final Tottenham That is why the team keeps the hopes of winning the 55th minute in the 55th minute. Lucas Moura scored the pass of Dale Ali, Less time, the team needs more goals to win. Not to celebrate the first goal, after four minutes, in 59 minutes, again Lucas became the Savior of Tottenham. He scored his second goal in the best shot and kept the hopes of the final for the team.

Then begin counting time. Who will go to the final? Occasionally, Arctic dominance was seen in an attack but Tottenham went on the attack a moment. It was not understood anything, the fate of which team is in the finals. But seeing the fate of the game with the thumb of the match, at the very last stage of the match again the moura-flick. In the 90th minute again he scored his hat-trick and also took the whole team together in the kingdom of Heaven. And before that again Ali in that deal. Moore was the only goal from his pass. Who is going to stop? How many minutes or the rest? With the best of all, Away Goes away from the Champions League this season, Ayaks left. Tottenham goes into the final with Liverpool English vs English Whatever the win, the cup will be on England's ground. Now just watch the Champions League Cup go to the house?

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