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Sympathy of the football world on the events of Christchurch

The whole world is showing sympathy to the victims of the tragic attack on Christchurch. Bangladesh national team cricketers survived for a little while. The news of saving the Bangladesh team from the venue spread quickly to the welfare of the media. Soon after that, cricket world stars condemned such horrific terrorist attacks. In addition to the cricketers, the football world also expressed grief and sympathy for the incident.

Many nomadic clubs in Europe have expressed sympathy for the victims of this incident through social networking. In addition to many giant clubs in the football world, many of the footballers have condemned and mourned the incident personally in their official page.

English club Manchester United wrote on their Twitter account, "Sincere condolences to all of Manchester United for everyone affected by the New Zealand incident." On Twitter, the same English word Liverpool repeats the same kind of word on Twitter.

The event was officially mourned on Twitter by various European football clubs including Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Westham United, AC Milan, Buruza Dortmund, AS Romana.

Among the footballers, Liverpool's Sergio Aguero, Egyptian star player Mohammad Salah, Senegal's striker Demba Bay, French players Abdullah Dochere, Morgan Schneiderlane and many others have expressed condolences on this incident. In his Twitter account, Mohammad Salah writes, "A terrible news came from New Zealand. My condolences to the family members of innocent people who died in this terrible incident. "Argentine Argentine Aguerooo also expressed sympathy in the same language.

Apart from the football world, many rugby and other events of the sport have been mourned.

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