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Supporters can buy Bangladesh's World Cup jersey

Football or cricket is a matter of great interest to the jersey fans of favorite sports in any sport. In a new sporting event, or in a player team, the official jersey is published by various clubs or franchises teams. And by selling those jerseys in the market, they also earn huge money from the parties. The national team is no exception. Now the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is walking on that path. The Board has decided to prepare and sell the 'Replica Jersey' of Bangladesh team players for the first time. The Tigers who will play in the World Cup this year, BCB is going to bring the jerseys to the market first time.

Anyone can be surprised after hearing such news. Bangladesh National Team jerseys are available to buy any sports goods store. Even there is no shortage of jersey in Bangladesh's national cricket team at a muffassel shop. Not only the World Cup, young cricketers and fans roam around Shakib-Tamim's jersey all year round. But they were not official copies of the original jersey. This is the first time BCB has signed a contract to produce and market Bangladeshi national team 'Replica Jersey'.

On Monday, the BCB has formally signed an agreement with national team jersey provider 'Sports and Sports'. BCB chief executive officer Nizam Uddin Chowdhury confirmed the matter through the formal press conference. He said that this agreement has been signed for a year now. The contract will start from the first day of April.

Appearing on the signing ceremony, Sports and Sports representative Mehtab Sentu said that the Bangladesh Cricket team will take the copy of the 2019 World Cup jersey first to the market. The goal of bringing this jersey to the market is April 25.

The representative of the company said that the Bangladesh Cricket World Cup 2015 will be sold primarily in the Sports & Sports' own outlet. As well as their showrooms, there are plans to sell jerseys in the showroom of the country's well-known brand. BCB chief executive said that there will be enough brands in Dhaka and Dhaka to sell jerseys for sale.

The Bangladesh team's jersey is not yet finalized. The price of jersey will be announced only after the design is finalized.

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