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Such a difference is the performance of Mustafiz!

May 09, 08:31 | Updated: May 09, 09:16

His cut is not very uncomfortable to the batsmen before. Due to a frequent injury, he went out of the field, slightly slashed his ball. It is said that the Bangladeshi paceman Mustafizur Rahman Cutting delivery is now available in Chedvadre. Reduced speed runs and bowling Deliveries have been clean.

In the four years Mustafiz's career has a great deal of rhythm He made a great start to the one-day debut in 2015. He made history with 13 wickets in one series. He took 26 wickets in 9 matches in the first year.

Mustafiz can not show the previous performance now. He took two wickets in the first match of the series in the ongoing tri-series in Ireland, but scored 84 runs in 10 overs. West Indies scored 261 all out in the innings The West Indies batsmen, who scored a maximum of 5.22 in the match, where Mustafiz gave 8.4 runs per over

New Zealand scored 330 runs against Bangladesh in the third ODI of the series against New Zealand starting on February 20 this year. Mustafiz took two wickets in this match. But runs scored 93 runs in 10 overs, 9.3 runs per over.

Mustafiz scored quite a few runs in the first two matches in the same series, 42 in 9 overs and 36 in 8 overs in 8 matches. But just before that Mustafiz played five matches in the two ODIs against Zimbabwe and the West Indies against home soil. He took seven wickets in five matches. He scored 195 runs in 48 overs with an average of 4.06.

An analysis of the BBC found that Mustafiz performing in the subcontinent, performing just as he did. Mustafiz has scored 978 runs in 21 ODIs in 21 ODIs in 27 ODIs. 56 wickets.

Mustafiz can not perform the same way outside of Asia. He has scored 776 runs in 16 one-day internationals with 129.5 overs. 23 wickets in the wicket. It can be understood how much difference his performance is.

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