Story of two people who have improved team india's bat Virat imposed the previous century with the improved bat of Ram Bhandari, Mahesh Ransubu rounded the bat of Dhoni - Online Betting Guides
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Story of two people who have improved team india's bat Virat imposed the previous century with the improved bat of Ram Bhandari, Mahesh Ransubu rounded the bat of Dhoni

The story of two Indian men who improved the team's bat, was a laborer, then the other cricketer
Batt was lightened by making 1250 gram of Tendulkar's 1350 grams battling tennis elbow

Bengaluru / Pune In a small shop, 59-year-old Ram Bhandari is measuring a bat very closely. This bat belongs to Team India captain Virat Kohli. On April 7, Virat had given this bat to him. Bhandari says, "I pressed Virat's bat and finished the spot on him. When I handed them a bat, seeing this, Virat said that if a bat can be made so good! With the same bat he scored 67 runs and then scored a century.

When the runs are done by my fine bat, it seems I am also part of Team India: Ram Bhandari

Two days ago on Friday, Rohit Sharma has also sent his bat handle to the oval shape. This strengthens the hold on the bat. For the first time, I had made such a handle for Harbhajan, which made him a hundred in Test cricket. "Bhandari says," The players ask how much money is made, then I say whatever will be the wish. When players make runs from these balls, it seems that I am also a part of the team. '

Ram Bhandari got the chance to improve the bat of other cricketers through Rahul Dravid

They say that in the 2000s, Rahul Dravid used to get his bat repaired. When needed, I used to call the stadium only. Only through them did the other players. The 1350 grams of Sachin Tendulkar battling tennis elbow were made light by making 1250 gram of the bat.

Ram's natural ability to repair bat

Ram Bhandari tells about his skill, 'It got me naturally. Of Bihar I am a resident of Thori village, Bhakhana in Champaran district. Grandpa was a carpenter and I used to help him. When the 10th failed, then fled from home. Went to Bengaluru while doing wages. There are two sons Both want to be a cricketer. Big Narendra runs the taxi to complete the cost of coaching.

Mahesh, father wanted to become a cricketer

Pune's Mahesh Ransubhu wanted to be a cricketer. Cricket also went to the club, but the father had to leave the game due to loss in business. However, now Dhoni, Jadhav, Jadeja and Pandey play with their improved bat. They do not take a single penny in return for the improvement of the batsmen of Team India.

First time Mahesh had improved the son's son's bat

Mahesh explains, 'The friend Tahir's bat was damaged. I told him that I improve it. Sudhara Bait liked the friend. His performance also flourished. Then I started watching video of Bat repairing on YouTube and decided to do the same thing. In 2014, started repairing batteries from home. Earlier, Rahul Tripathi, Kedar Jadhav's bat improved.

Mahesh's foreign cricketer also improved
Through these people, there was an opportunity to improve the bat of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, Manish Pandey. Now, most of the Ranji players in Maharashtra come to me to improve the bat. "Mahesh has so far improved 600-700 Bats. England's Root, Ben Stokes, Australia's Steve Smith have also improved their batting line-up.

Bat handles must be in direct line: Mahesh

Mahesh, on his part, explains, "The experience of playing cricket is the most precious. Handle is the most important part of any bat. It must be in its straight line. There is also the fear of spoiling the balance due to the excessive wear of the bat. Bet pressing is essential when the grace is exited. For instance, the lower part of Dhoni's bat was broken again and again. They gave a round shape to the lower part of their bat so they liked it. Those yorkers started playing well. They play with a bat of about 1250 grams. '

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