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Shane Warne says Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar are different but greats | Sachin-Virat can not be compared, both great players; Want to not bowl them: Warne

Said: Virat and Sachin's class are different, choosing the best of both is very difficult
When Virat is playing, then it is extremely difficult to judge: Former Australia great spinner
Bowling against Daryl Kulinen is easier than Richards and Bradman

Sports desk There is always debate about who is best in Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, and it is still going on. In the latest case, Australian veteran spinner Shane Warne has expressed his opinion. Warne believes that both Sachin and Virat are both players. Both can not be compared Warne said, "If I talk about myself, then I would not want to throw any ball to any of Virat and Sachin."

Virat Kohli's record is amazing

Warne said, "Virat and Sachin are both different style batsmen, but both are great players. Choosing the best of both is very difficult. If you ask me, I would not throw any ball to either of them.

Warne is the brand ambassador of Rajasthan Royals team in IPL. The 12th edition of IPL is to begin from March 23. In view of this, the Rajasthan team is engaged in preparations. Warne is also keeping an eye on the team's players during practice.

During practice, Warne said, "Vivian Richards has been one of the best batsmen of the game in what I have seen. Kohli's record is also amazing. When they are playing, then it is very difficult to judge them. '

Warne said, "There is no doubt that Don Bradman is a great batsman. Richards was also the best player. If I would ask any of the great players of cricket to throw the ball, then I would like to throw South African Daniel Cullinan instead of both of them. It is easy to throw them off. '

Leg spinner said, "Everyone knows that Sachin and Brian Lara were the best players in the 90's. However, the form of both of them was not good in the last round of career. However, in 1994-95 Lara-Sachin was at his peak. '


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