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Shakib went to Ireland separately

May 2, 09:38, | Updated: May 2, 09, 09:45 pm On Thursday night, the world's leading all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan made his way to the Ireland side. During this time, he talked to the media at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. Photo: Collected

Shakib Al Hasan is a little angry for any particular reason? Is he doing a little different walk? The questions have been revolving around the last few days for the cricket enthusiasts. He did not participate in the official photo-sharing of the Bangladesh team on Monday. Shakib did not go on the same flight with the team that went on to play the Ireland series and the World Cup in the absence of discussions and criticism. But the press has said that he will go with his family separately in the evening tomorrow evening. The all-rounder, who has not been able to get tickets for his family members on the same flight, decided to go separately.

Finally, on Wednesday night, the star cricketer made the flight to Ireland. He left Dhaka for Dublin at a flight of Qatar Airways at 7:40 pm. Shakib Al Hasan appeared in the airport on Sunday evening and took wife and daughter to the airport. At that time he was being seen quite ambitious.

Several journalists were present at the airport to collect news from Shakib to Ireland. First of all, if you do not want to talk about this, all the all-rounders tell your opinion about the World Cup cricket.

Asked what is the goal of the World Cup, Shakib said, "I have taken as much preparation as possible for me. Can say we have taken the maximum preparation. Now there will be an attempt to eradicate all the capabilities in the place.

In response to this question, what is the realistic goal of the semifinal game in this year, Shakib said, "I also believe that playing the semifinals is not impossible. But due to the format it is very difficult.

In the round robin league system, this year's World Cup will be held with the participation of 10 teams. The last World Cup was held in 1992 in this format. The participating 10 teams will play with everyone. From there, the best four teams will emerge from the semifinals.

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