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Semifinal fight of Bangladesh women against India is today

The big challenge before the girls of Bangladesh today. Bangladeshi girls will face strong India in the final of the clean championship at the Shaheed Maidan Stadium in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday. The Bangladesh Women's Team has to be satisfied with the runners up in the last edition of India. On the other hand, India's girls have won four titles so far.

Statistics say, winning against India will be difficult for Bangladesh. None of the teams in the Safai competition could be defeated so far. Indian girls have won 20 out of 21 matches. The only drawn match is against Bangladesh. Although there is no match in the match, without a draw, India have the pleasure to defeat Lal-Sabuj in the remaining eight matches.

The girls of Bangladesh have adopted the necessary practice in front of this difficult match. Team coach Golam Rabbani Chhoton told the media before the match, "Semifinal match is a difficult fight. India's four-time champion in the tournament They have many experienced footballers. But we are not thinking about them. We can get to the field to win. The girls will play with their maximum. There will be four people on our side. '

The match wins the final. So Krishna-Swapnara is ready to pour their best in the field. In the last match against India, the team wants to go ahead and forget the defeat of defeat. Bangladesh's opponents of Bangladesh want to recognize the absence of the match defeated by the 3-1 loss against Nepal in the match. "Defending the game against India is very important," Akhil told the semi-final match ahead of the match. For a long time we all play together in the team. If you do not make mistakes in this match, then something good can be done.

The match will begin at Shaheed Maidan at Rangshala at 3pm today.

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