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Sania Mirza is in front of the camera for the first time

The son of the son of India's tennis sensation Sania Mirza, it is old news On October 30, a boy was born in light of Pakistan's cricket star Shoaib Malik and Sunny's house. The couple named the boy Ezan. Before childbirth, Sania went behind the scenes. After a few days of birth, sharing a picture of the boy through social contact, the mother-son could never be seen together. But the long wait for the fans has ended. The tennis star has recently come to India from Dubai to vote for the ongoing national elections. And the tennis queen was caught in the camera with the boy at the airport.

Sania Mirza, with a son at the airport, is quite laughable. At the time of the photographer's request at the airport, Sania posed in front of the camera to take the son Ezan. At this time, the Indian tennis star was wearing off-white hattahata jacket on black outfit. In the eye was the Narkkara Sunglasses. Connection was on the shoulders. Before the mother, the fans saw Sania, who was a little overwhelmed in the last pictures, However, many people are surprised to see the star that has come out of sight for a long time. He was fitter and fatigued by fat.

Seeing the children of India and Pakistan's star couple Ezan, the photographer's camera shutters became active simultaneously. But he was not worried. Like a mother, Eisan was also a child. Ezan, wearing yellow pants and jackfruit t-shirts, seems to have enjoyed it with interest. For a while, after moving photos, Sania and her son, riding in a white-colored car, went to the destination.


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