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Sangakkara's rare achievement as the first Asian cricketer

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the highest regulatory body of cricket, is known to all. But who make the game's laws, many of them do not know. Established in 1787, this club has been established since its inception till now. This club is also introducing new laws, keeping pace with the era. The Marylebone Cricket Club (short-term MCC) at Lord's in England is the bat-ball, run and out-of-the-game lawmaker responsible for the game. Sri Lanka's legendary cricketer Kumar Sangakkara is going to be the first Asian to become the MCC president. Not only is not the first Asian, it is going to be honored with the rare honor of becoming the first 'non-British' president in the history of the organization.

In 2012, the life membership of MCC was given to Sangakkara. He is also a member of the club's global cricket committee. He has been selected for the second term as president. On Monday, May 1, MCC's Annual General Meeting held at Lord's was decided to make Sangakkara the President. The former cricketer will take over the responsibility of the club's president from October 1. According to the rules and customs of the MCC, the president is responsible for one year. As a result, the star cricketer will perform this distinguished role until September 2020.

Msiri's current president Anthony Rifford announced the name of Kumar Sangakkara as the new president on Friday. Sangakkara played 134 Tests, 404 ODIs and 56 Twenty20 matches for Sri Lanka. Sangakkara has scored 12,400 runs in Test history, the sixth highest score in Test history. On the other hand, he is on the list of the highest run-getters list of 14,264 runs in ODIs. He is in front of only Indian great Sachin Tendulkar.

Sangakkara said that it is a great achievement for him. MCC is also looking forward to taking the responsibility of the president, he said. The Lankan legend said, "It is a matter of great honor to be elected as MCC's next president. I am looking forward to working in this position. According to me, MCC is the world's largest cricket club in the development of cricket outside of the field and field. 2020 is going to be a significant year in cricket, especially at Lord's. I am thrilled that I can be part of MCC as its president. "

Regarding greeting Sangakkara, the outgoing President Anthony Rifford said, "Since MCC wants to expand its reputation and international reputation, I am delighted to accept Kumar's proposal. He is the next president of the MCC. He will be able to make a good contribution to the club at the field and outside of the field. His role as President of the World Cup and the Ashes will also be important.

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