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Sachin is not a boundary over the super over and the other way

July 18, 08:13 | Updated: July 18, 09, 09:28

The final match of the 12th Cricket World Cup in the final of the 50-over match, due to the uncomfortable super over. But what a strange trick, the super over is tie! In the Super over, England scored 15 runs. New Zealand also made 15 runs in reply to bat. But England won the match. The World Cup title was in the hands of the dead. Because, according to the ICC rules, if a match is not resolved after the match is over, then the team that won the most runs in the match, they will be the winner.

However, the ICC's highest regulatory body could not accept the rules of the ICC. Several former cricketers of India were summed up by the ICC rules. The legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar opened his eyes on this rule of the ICC.

In a report of the Indian media NDTV, Master Blaster batsman Sachin said, "I think there should have been a super over in the final." The team that beat the most, instead of announcing their winners, should have had another super over. Not just the final of the World Cup. Any game is important. As for soccer field, when the game is created in extra time, nothing else is considered. '

Earlier, Indian national cricket team co-captain Rohit Sharma also criticized the super over rule of Sachin. Rohit tweeted, "Some of the rules of cricket should really be reviewed."

Former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who won the 2011 World Cup 'Man of the Series', said he could not accept New Zealand's defeat in the super over, "I can not accept this rule. But rules are the rules. '

India captain Virat Kohli raises questions about the format of the World Cup after being dropped from the tournament after losing the semifinals during the World Cup. Virat Kohli, who played for the Indian Premier League

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