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Sachin again in the World Cup!

He played six World Cups. He is also the highest collector of the World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar has already retired from cricket. So how did he make his debut in the World Cup. No, he's not going to play again. Even after lifting the bat-pads, Sachin was in the commentary box for the first time in the World Cup. Gave the commentary of the match.

Today, the star cricketer made a commentary on England and South Africa in the first match of the World Cup in London on Thursday. Before the start of the match, he joined the pre-talking program. The name of the event is also significant, "Sachin's debut again."

Sachin made his debut in the 1992 World Cup at the age of 19. After that he took part in five more World Cups. And the last World Cup in 2011 was the taste of the home field.

Meanwhile, Sachin is the highest run-scorer of the tournament, taking part in six World Cups. He holds 2278 World Cup-runs in his possession He is also the highest run-scorer of the 2003 World Cup. His score of 673 scored 11 goals in the service. India wins in World Cup final The Indian team led by Sourav Ganguly had a runner-up to defeat against Australia.

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