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Sabina in Bangladesh has got a great chance in the league

Bangladesh Women's Football Team captain Sabina Khatun last year named for the first time in the Indian Women's League. Sethu also did a fantastic performance for the FC team. The team from Tamil Nadu's team Sithu Fasir scored seven goals in the tournament, the daughter of Satkhira. The team also took part in the tournament semifinal. He got the offer to play in FIFA this year. But at the same time decided to not play in India after receiving a proposal to play in the Chinese Taipei League. But in Vietnam's complexity, Taipei did not go to play anymore. Sadina has got a good new good news during this frustration. He has got the chance to play for the senior team of Indian Women's League Gokulam Kerala FC.

The final episode of the Indian Women's League beginning on May 5. The tournament, which started in Guru Nanak Stadium in Ludhiana, will be played on 12 May with the participation of 12 teams. Sabina's new team, Gokulam Kerala FC, played the first match on the opening day of the tournament. The current champion Rising Student Club has started flying in 5-0 goals, one of the biggest favorites of Asr.

Sublime Savina Khatun was fond of playing in such a team. "I did not get a visa permit in Chinese Taipei, because I did not get a work permit," he told the media before leaving for India. So they did not go there to play. I thought I could not play outside this year. Then suddenly the proposal came from Kerala. I want to get a good reputation for the country while playing well there. '

Sabina Khatun is the first Bangladeshi female footballer to play in the foreign league. In the first match of the Maldives League, they scored one goal later. After that, the Indian team, CTHU FC, teamed them last year.

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