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Sabbir's call to give blood to wounded in the fire

28 March 2015, 17:27 | Update: 28 March 2015, 18:25

There was a fierce fire in the capital of Banani FT Tower. At least 17 units of fire service in fire control Many have been casualties. The national team cricketer was also involved in the incident. The national team's hard-hitter batsman Sabbir Rahman has called for standing beside the injured. He urged everyone to come forward to give blood to the injured.

Sabbir wants to pray for the casualties on his Facebook page. Shortly after this, he requested people to come forward to give blood to the injured in another condition.

In the first post on his own Verify Facebook page, Sabbir wrote, 'Again the fire, thousands of people are trapped. May Allah keep everyone in custody.

In the next post, he said, 'Those who are in Banani, Gulshan, Cantonment area, please go to Kurmitola Hospital and the injured will take blood. Come forward to humanity. '

Before this, star pacer Rubel Hossain gave status to help Allah Almighty to protect everyone. He wrote, 'The devastating fire in the Dhaka Fire Station in front of Banani. Many people are trapped. O Allah, save all of you. Amin. '

Today the fire started from 9th floor of FT Tower at 1pm on Thursday. Later it increased to extremes and up to the 11th floor. There are innumerable people inside the tower. Army, Navy and Air Force members working to recover.

Five deaths were reported till the last news reached. However, the number of dead people is expected to increase. Many people were injured without this. The injured were taken to Kurmitola Hospital.

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