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Sabbirera the last match of each match!

There is no doubt about his talent. His bat spreads his time around the team's needs. But in the light of the series, Sabbir Rahman could not make the place in the national squad. Sabbir himself has accepted this fact. That's why this hard-hitting player, playing his last match against each match, In the next match, try to get the opportunity to pamper yourself.

Sabbir was chosen as the final finisher in the upcoming World Cup. The place in the original XI was also fairly sure. But the scenario changed, Mosaddek Hossain Saikat, who came to the squad as an alternative. In the tri-nation series in Ireland, Mashadek conceded Bangladesh in a 52-run knock in 27 balls, and he also got flushed when needed. Sabbir's thoughts increased in that. To get a place in front of him, he has to fight every match.

Sabbir has simply taken the challenge to fight. In every match he can hear his fight with all his balls. After the preparation match against Pakistan on Sunday, Sabbir told the media, "I always feel that this is my last match. Good here, confidence will be good in the second match. The next match will be good to try the next match. I try to do everything with the last match. '

Sabbirir has more damage than not being a match against Pakistan. Because he did not have the chance to bat much in the tri-series in Ireland. Preparations were made to target the World XI to remain in the main eleven. But it did not happen anymore. Sublir poured ghee into the target. On the disappointment of losing the opportunity, Sabbir said, "I have not been able to bat very much in the tri-series. The top order did not get the chance. I got a chance, I could not even apply it. So the practice match was very important for me. Not to be disappointed in the game. Now the next match is important. But the team is in good condition, I am fine too. We're practicing. The wickets that are to be played, I am doing the wicket. "

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