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Russia defeats world number one team

Europe's Europa 2020 qualification qualification begins The world number one ranked in the world on Thursday night Belgium and the hosts of the last World Cup Russia. Chelsea star Aden Hazard started off with a 3-1 win over Russia in the match at Brussels.

The Belgians are getting ready from the beginning in Brussels. In the 14th minute of the match, in the very first place of the match in a placeholding shot scored the first goal of the hosts, 1-0 midfielder Yuri Taillemans. But the lead did not last long. Only two minutes later, Russia will return to equality. Belgian goalkeeper Thibo Costora forgot to get the ball from the D-box to a penalty corner in the 1-1 counterattacked Russian star Dennis Cherishev

Belgian again gets lead in the last match of the first half Eden Hazard scored a penalty on penalties. The home team has a break of 2-1 goals.

In the second half, the number one team in the FIFA rankings is playing against Russia. But the goal is to wait long enough to get them. Hazard scored his second goal in two minutes before the match ended in perfect finish. Belgium reached 3-1 in the 88th minute of the match.

Russia's big shock at the final moment of the match ended. Alexander Golovin left the field after seeing the second yellow card in the 90th minute. The 10 teams of Russia left the field with 3-1 win over the defeat.

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