runner Gomathi Marimuthu winning first gold medal at the 23rd Asian Athletics Championship in Doha | Gomti won gold, despite death of father and coach three years ago - Online Betting Guides
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runner Gomathi Marimuthu winning first gold medal at the 23rd Asian Athletics Championship in Doha | Gomti won gold, despite death of father and coach three years ago

Gomati got the biggest defeat of the career of Francis Marie, who later became her mentor
Gomati M. Muthumu won gold in the 800 m race at the Asian Athletics Championship

Chennai. In the Asian Athletics Championships held in Doha, Gomati M. Muthumu of India won gold in the 800 meter race recently. Gomati is a resident of Tamil Nadu. They say- 'Since when I came back from Doha, people are recognizing me. Want to help me in some way, but this was not the first. ' In fact, Gomati started her career as late as possible. At the age of 20, he started running professional. 3 years ago when Gomati's career seemed to be something, then the father died and the death of Cooch Gandhi. No one left to train Gomti. They also had Grown Injury, which had to stay away from running 2 years. Gomti says on this struggle: 'My father used to be hungry many times to save money for my training. There were difficulties, but insistence was to bring medal. '

Shiny Wilson is the inspiration of Gomati

Gomti said, "There was no intention of making a career in running or running at professional level. I used to just run in sports as well. At the age of 20, my coach advised that I should lay the foundation of this skill. Then I started training with running methods. Along with the coach, my father also supported a lot. Money remains alive for training and training, so the father used to remain hungry for a long time. Then after seeing my father, I used to cry. '

"The villagers also used to say that leave the game and help the family by taking a job from a sports quote. Meanwhile, I got a job in the income tax department of Bengaluru, but the father stopped the game from leaving itself. His health had worsened, so I thought that now I should leave the game and focus only on the job. Then the father said that running is only your passion and you have made a lot of dedication to it. So now do not leave it. After that, I remained single-minded – winning gold in running.

'Unfortunately in this one year my father and my coach passed away too. I have not left anybody who can train me. I had to stay away from running for 2 years because of grobin injuries. This was my most difficult period. Maybe it would not have been that round, so my gold medal would have come first. In such a period, Francis Marie helped me. I was in front of 2011 with Francis Akka (Gomti, called Francis as Akka, meaning Big Sister). He was older than me and was a mother of a child too. Akka beat me in 2 events within a year. This was the hardest defeat of my career. '

'People who were watching the race were hooting me that I was defeated by a big woman in my age. I was young Such hooting was unbearable to me. In such a way, Akka became my support. They not only trained me but also helped in achieving mental strength. When I came from Doha to win the gold, first I got to meet Akka. At the time when I had decided to drop the game, Akka explained to me that I have made it for running. They are my family. '

'The first people did not even know me. Did not get help. Are now recognizing me I was also honored in my school. The villagers are also giving great love. But this is not the floor. My next goal is the world championship. Then have to qualify for the Olympics. In Tokyo, 2020 is to represent the country and win the medal. '

Padmashree, the national champion of India in 800 meters sprints for 14 consecutive years since 1985, is an inspiration for the runner Shiny Wilson Gomti. Gomti explains- 'Whenever I felt excited, Shiney remembered Madam. They are my inspiration. He also crossed all the difficulties and became the first Indian woman to reach the Olympic 800 meters race semi-finals. In 2017 I met Shiny Madam Meeting them helped me a lot in recovering from a difficult period.

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