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Rumana worried about their future

As the first woman cricketer of Bangladesh, Rumana Ahmed made the ICC Cricket World Twenty20 title a few days ago. Captain of the national women's cricket team is very excited to receive this honor in eight years of cricket career. His goal is to make the ICC ODI Player of the Year a year, as well as occupy the number one spot in the all-rounders rankings. But Rumana is concerned about the future journey to fulfill the goal. To express the feeling of receiving his recognition to NTV Online, he said,

Certainly the year 2018 was the year of wrapping gold for Rumna Ahmed. Twenty-one-year-long 30 wickets in the match, as well as 229 runs from his bat. Bangladesh's women's Asia Cup win was similar to their role. Rumana took 10 wickets in six matches in the tournament. Besides, Rumana is also proud of the women's hat-trick as the first Bangladeshi in ODIs. The 27-year-old female cricketer who took place in ICC Twenty20 Team of the year was awarded the prize.

Rumana received the certificate of acceptance sent to ICC on Sunday. Rumana told NTV Online about the feeling of this achievement, "I am very happy. Actually the feeling of this award is not to be expressed in words. Because I did not expect it so fast. I thought I might have to wait or work for this achievement. '

Rumana taking the honor of the ICC as the future inspiration. Bangladesh captain captains the dream of taking place in ODIs of the year with Twenty20 in the coming year. But he feared to fulfill that dream. Because the need to play regularly to keep consistency. The girls of Bangladesh are not getting the opportunity. The new year started to cross three months. Salma-Rummanara has not seen any international match yet. However, they were given the opportunity to play 24 Twenty20 matches, including the Asia Cup, World Cup qualifying, World Cup and bilateral series in 2018.

If there is no chance of playing matches, the danger of being beaten by the captain is in captain's face. In his words, this respect will take my mission upwards. Now my target is to become part of the XI of Twenty20 and ODI Twenty20. Actually, there is no end to cricket. I dream of going to number one in the world ranking as an all-rounder. But now I'm more worried about my team. Worried about personal performance. We did not get to play this year yet. I'm proud of my team. If we get regular play opportunities then more than three or four people from this group will come out. We could have been more proud. But due to lack of play we are going back a day. '

Women's cricket is going forward as well as women in Bangladesh Girls of Bangladesh are seeking opportunities to play more matches to maintain this continuity. According to their representative, Rumana, "We need to play more international matches to improve women's cricket. I was ranked number six in the all-rounders rankings last year. But if there is no opportunity to play in this manner then it will not be there. We are not allowed to play, others are ahead of us. Those who were in 8-9 are now ahead of me. If I do not play, how can I understand my level?

Apart from this, Rumana, who spent almost a decade with the Bangladesh women's team, advised not to have a house for the next generation with the intention of representing the country. Captain's message to the next generation, 'I would say that for the sake of the future, it would be hard to get relief. Now women's cricket has progressed a lot, it will be even more. I hope, those who are in the house who want to play the game come out. We are waiting for you. '

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