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Ronaldo scored a great win of Juventus


Juventus won a dramatic one-on-one win in the Italian ‘Serie A’ on Sunday night. In the 88th minute of the match, Cristiano Ronaldo won the penalty shot by Latsio 2-1. Juvara was 1-0 behind in the match held on Sunday night, 74 minutes away. Lateo also plays against the strong opponent from the very beginning, from the very beginning.

In the 19th and 38th minutes of the match, they were not able to get two goals due to bad luck. But in the 59th minute Juventus’ Emre Kane took 1-0 lead in the suicide shot. Ronaldo’s team survived the biggest danger in the 64th minute. Laetio’s Italian forward Chero Emmobil failed to get the goalkeeper alone and did not get caught in the ball. Juventus returned in the 74th minute of the match 

Portuguese defender Conceaello scored the first goal as a replacement and scored 1-1. The Defender came again in the 88th minute of the match. Jubo gets the penalty after throwing him in the D-box. Portuguese superstar Ronaldo scored a penalty shot in penalties to ensure the team’s victory in a 2-1 win. Juventus, at the top of the points list, with 59 points in 21 matches in 21 matches.

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