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Ronaldo Juventus such a condition!

Juventus' title was confirmed in the Italian Serie A few days ago. But the team has lost the clay at the end of the season and the team has lost the match. In the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Italian champions lost to Ayax at the end. In the last two matches in Serie A, Jovara lost the points against Inter Milan and Turin on Sunday night and was confronted by AS Romar on Sunday night. Cristiano Ronaldo's team left the field with a big shame in this match. Champions of the Champions on the Roma Field, 2-0 goals This is the third defeat of Juventus in the last seven games of the league.

Romar Field Studios Juventus holds the ball in most of the match in the Olympics. League champions get good chance in the first half But the goal of the goalkeeper of Roma was to be scored by Jovad. In the 16th minute of the match, Argentina's Argentine star Paolo Diabla was shocked by the great ability of the keeper to save the corner, Roma goalkeeper Antonio Mirinte. But two minutes later, the ball came back from the counter attack Roma. However, Italian midfielder Lorenzo Pelélegini shot a shot and survived when Juventus survived. Roma goalkeeper turned Juventus again in the 28th minute of the match. Another strong shot in the air strikes the post in the hands of Miranda.

In the absence of the first half, the two teams have to break. The second half is a long time to wait for the goal to be seen. In the 79th minute of the match, the desired goal was seen. Roma, however, is not Juventus. Javad dubbed the ball near Edin Jake, and sent him into the net on the goalkeeper's head, Alessandro Florangee. Hosts went 1-0 up in the match. At the extra time of the match, Juventus' coffin turned the nail to the end, Edin Jakeco In the back of a huge counter attack, the ball made the ball in the high-ball ball of the ball and got the ball in the shot, the Bosnian forward.

Shortly after the match was finished, the referee played the referee. Roma has left the field with the satisfaction of losing the league champions Juventus 2-0.

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