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Referee referees offer love on the field!

Romania's fourth division football league game. After some time, Athletico Oradea and Dayosig Sporting will face the field. Three referees in the photo session before the start of the game But the referee Marius Matiya was sacked in the field suddenly Daughter of referee Gambhir dumarake love in the field, friend Matiya.

Mary, however, loves for a long time. But I was not getting an opportunity to offer love. But he was waiting for the opportunity. Both of the referees So think of football as the best place to play, there Zorigi offers love.

Thus, the proposal of love will get, George did not expect. First of all go ahead. Of course, he likes him for a long time, he can understand that he already knows. But at the end of the field, I accepted the offer of love.

This tandem video of the Romanian football league on April 10 has already become viral in the social media.


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