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Record Women Woman In The World Cup

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The Twelve Cricket World Cup will be screened on Thursday for England and South Africa matches. 48 matches will be played in the tournament organized by 10 teams. The teams will face each other in the round robin league system. And the top four teams will play in the semi-finals.

Tournament Director Steve Elwardy has claimed that more than one lakh women have purchased tickets for this year's World Cup match, and two million visitors are coming to enjoy this mega event for the first time.

He said, 'This is the biggest event of cricket. According to the information we have, 1 lakh 10 thousand female visitors bought tickets. One lakh visitors below 16 years are going to take this tournament experience.

The tournament will play a role to attract young people to the game, hoping the organizers will play the role of the organizers. Elwoody said, "For the first time, about two million viewers are coming to see the World Cup. This image really makes me really happy. We want our youth to experience playing during the match. "

ICC's chief executive Dave Richardson and Eliwardy's safety and security director Jill McC Craycken face the media at the Oval on 12th World Cup and 20 years after the first World Cup in Britain.

The ICC said in a press release that this tournament is expected to launch a new horizon in different areas. More than 30 lakh applications have been submitted for the ticket. Approximately four lakh applications have been submitted against some specific matches.

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