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Rafi wants to show the World Cup shock

April 17, 2014, 14:00 | Updated: April 17, 2014, 14:04

Still, he did not play in one-day cricket for Bangladesh. However, there are opportunities in the World Cup, such as in the World Cup. The 15-member Bangladesh team announced for the World Cup is so surprising that in addition to his involvement, Pacer Abu Zayed Rahio is surprised to see his name in the squad announced on Tuesday. However, the pacer who came from Sylhet wanted to show the start of the World Cup XI.

The surprise of being in the final team of the World Cup is not surprising, Alanqani Abu Zayed, Initially, there was a desire to get the opportunity in the primary squad, but the 26-year-old pace bowler, who has just reached the original squad, Expressing the surprise, he told the media, "The news was first received at around 12. I got to know through your phone. Of course it was a surprise for me. I hope we will be in the squad of 20. When I heard that I was in the 15-member squad, there was a bit more excitement. "

This year's World Cup tournament is in England as the right-handed pacer has got a lot of pleasure for the team and the opportunity to get a chance. For many days the dream of playing there was Abu Zayed. The experience of the New Zealand series, which is intended to be used in English conditions, will be useful. Zayed, who is excited about playing in the 'father of cricket', said, "The last time I went to England in 2009. After that, almost ten years have passed. So the desire to play in England was much more. New Zealand's experience here will also work well. Because the best batsmen of New Zealand's team said that we can dominate international cricket if we do a little bit.

Abu Zayed wants to show the shock of the ball when he gets a chance in the World Cup, but Zayed Right-arm pacer has the ability to swing the original strength in bowling. "It's a wonderful place to say for the bowling pacers there," said the English conditions, which can be a blessing for him. The ball can be swung there. And since my main weapon swings, I'm so very optimistic. And the ball was switched mainly for me. Mashrafee said the same brother. If you get the chance, try to bowl in the best place. I am hopeful, now the rest is God's will. '

The World Cup will be held in the 'round robin league' method. Bangladesh will play against all the participating teams. However, as a special opponent, two groups have been identified by Abu Zayed. Speaking to the Tigers 'special opponent this season, the paceman said,' Naturally England and India are the two teams. I will say to the England team first, as they are the host team. India is next.

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