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Pro Kabaddi League: This year only 2 players sold more than 1 crore | This time only two players were sold in more than 10 million, the last six players became millionaires

The 7th edition of the tournament will run from 1 July to 9 October
173 Indians and 27 international players will participate in this.

Mumbai. For the 7th edition of the Pro Kabaddi League, two players sold in over a million rupees in the auction held on Monday and Tuesday. However, in the last session, 6 players were sold for more than a crore rupees. For this season 12 franchise teams bought 200 players. For the 7th session, 173 domestic players and 27 international players will be part of Pro League. Franchisee teams spent more than Rs. 50 crores to buy the players.

Siddhartha is the most expensive player of the season

Siddharth Desai, with the cost of Rs 1.45 crore, became the second most expensive player of the season and the tournament's most expensive player. Last season, Haryana Steelers bought Monu Gayat for Rs 1.51 crore. This time, Nitin Tomar became the second millionaire player with Rs 1.20 crore. Siddhartha is a Telugu Titan, while Nitin has been bought by Punei Paltan.

Defender Mahindra sold most expensive in B class

Defender Mahender Singh was the highest paid player in the B class. Mahendra was bought by Bengaluru Bulls for 80 lakh rupees. At the same time, Pateri Paltan bought Rider Manjeet in B category for 63 lakh rupees. Among the foreign players, Mohammed Ismail Nabi Baksh of Iran was bought by Bengal Warriors for 77.75 lakh rupees. He became the league's most expensive foreign player.

Korea's Zhang Kun Lee became part of Patna Pirates

Abujar Mohajarmimagani of Iran was bought by Telugu Titans for Rs 75 lakhs, while Korea's Zhang-kun Lee became part of Patna Pirates, a three-time champion for Rs 40 lakh. Among the other players who got the highest price, Rahul Chaudhary got Tamil Livivas 94 lakh, Monu Gayat 9 crore rupees and Sandeep Narwal was bought by U Mumba for 89 lakh rupees.

Haryana spent Rs 77 lakh in purchasing Prashant

The opinion of the Pacific is associated with Haryana Steelers at Rs 77 lakhs. Surendra Nada has got 77 lakh Patna, Entrance Bansal got Rs 75 lakh from Gujarat Fortune Giants, Rabindar Initiative to Delhi 60 lakh and Vishal Bharadwaj to Telugu team for 60 lakh rupees.

UP commented Rishank and Srikanth

The UP retained its captain Rishank Devadiga last season for Rs 61 lakh and Srikant Jadhav for 68 lakh rupees. Puneir Paltan bought 55 lakhs of Surjit, Bengal Warriors 55.5 lakh and Amit Hooda for Jaipur Pink Panthers bought 53 lakh rupees.

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