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player warned danger of cricket match fixing experts comments of ayaz memon | At the young age, players must be warned of the danger of fixing

    Ayaz Memon Apr 11, 2019, 05:00 PM IST
Former Pakistan cricketer Danish Kaneria has admitted to spot-fixing two days ago, apologized
ICC registers two cases of violation of anti-corruption code on Sanat Jayasuriya, accuses of not cooperating in the investigation

After repeated denial for six years, Pakistan's former leg-spinner Danish Kaneria finally admitted to being involved in fixing in county cricket. For this reason, he had a life ban in 2012. Kaneria convinced the fellow Essex team player Marvan Westfield to bowl 12 runs in an over in 2009. Westfield gave away 10 runs

Kaneria had earlier accused Westfield of spoiling a career

Later, during the investigation, he said that on Kaneria's request, he took the amount of five thousand pounds (about 4 lakh, 80 thousand rupees) from the bookie for poor performance. Westfield was jailed for four months and was banned for five years. At the same time, Kaneria was given a lifelong ban while describing a serious threat to cricket. Kaneria then accused Westfield of ruining his career. Kaneria also twice appealed against the ban, but both of them got a failure. Kaneria accepted the fixing of fixing in the interview given to Al Jazeera Channel last week. In this he has apologized to Westfield, Essex, Pakistani fans, fellow players and administrators.

Players can avoid speculators from Kaneria's tips

Kaneria has requested to remove the lifelong ban imposed on herself. He said that he can give young players tips to avoid speculators and fixers. Kaneria said that then his father was suffering from cancer, so he did not accept the fixing. According to him, he did not want to shock his father, because his father used to be proud of Kaneria's Pakistani cricketer. However, critics say that Kaneria's father died in 2013. In spite of this, till last week, he had been telling himself innocently, so his restrictions should not be withdrawn.

Bookmakers will be able to catch hold of the help of players who believe in error

This is a complicated matter, but I believe that if there is help against corruption in the game, it should be encouraged, not discouraged. I believe the ban should not be lifted or abandoned, Kaneria should come forward with its help and the board should accept their help. This will not only know the way to fix fixtures but also provide solutions against them. Former players who have already accepted their mistake will have more impact on young players. They can tell him the way to manage careers and life and avoid the temptation to get in the future. It is clear from the case of Kaneria that the game is still corruption and it is at many levels.

High risk of fixing in T20 league increases risk

In recent years, the danger of the T-20 league has increased even more. The main part of Kaneria's confession is that it involved Westfield, who was only 21 years old at that time. Kaneria said that Westfield wanted to be rich enough to change his lifestyle. A large number of young players mindset can be such. The big difference in the amount received in the T20 league becomes even more threatening. As has been proved before that there is no full-fledged method of preventing corruption in the game. It is true that the investigation should be done in a good manner and punishment should also be received. At the same time, the players should be mentoring and counseling about this.

Jayasuriya's behavior is full of surprise

On the other hand, Sanath Jayasuriya is astonished not to cooperate with the investigation of the ICC in the case of corruption. There is no charge against the Sri Lankan cricketer, but the ICC says they are not helping. Jayasurya has said afterwards that they will do everything possible on their behalf. Hopefully they will do the same.

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