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Pietersen-Sangakkara's reaction to Christchurch's case

March 16, 09:51, | Updated: March 16, 09, 11:20
Sri Lanka legend Kumar Sangakkara has deeply touched the horrific terrorist attack in a mosque in Christchurch in New Zealand. The stricken Sangakkara has expressed his grief on Twitter through social networking. On the other hand, Kevin Pietersen, the former England batsman, expressed deep anguish over the terrorist attack. Pietersen strongly condemned the attack by tweeting.

In the attack on Christchurch mosque, 49 people were killed in the blast, many were seriously injured. Concerned about this incident, Sangakkara wrote on his official Twitter, "I heard the events of Christchurch shooting. My sincere condolences and condolences for losing loved ones My sympathy, love, and prayer for all those affected by this tragedy. In the fastest time, I want to complete the welfare of all those injured. '

Critics of the Bangladesh team survived a few lives in the attack on Christchurch mosque. However, Kevin Pietersen, the former England captain, has expressed strong condemnation and condemnation of the casualties of many Muslims. He was deeply shocked to see the video of this incident through social media. The disturbance has spread to many misuse of social media. Pietersen said he was living in a disgusting world, seeing this violent carnage.

Expressing anger on Twitter, Pietersen wrote, "I saw a horrific scene in Christchurch. The city was shattered with a foolish person in the blaze. This hatred has triggered somewhere. On Twitter I saw more abusive, hate and abusive behavior. The use of social networking means to be changed as quickly as possible. We live in a weaker world. '

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