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Pakistan tops all

May 04, 12:17 pm | Updated: May 04, 017, 12:27

For the first time, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has released the T20 ranking of the 80 teams. Earlier, the highest ranking of the cricket body revealed the annual ranking of Tests and ODIs. Pakistan retain their top spot in T20 rankings

Pakistan is at the top with 286 points. South Africa second, England third, Australia fourth and India fifth. The four sides are breathing on each other. South Africa's 262, England and Australia are 261 and India's points 260.

Bangladesh at the 10th position with 220 points They are New Zealand (sixth), Afghanistan (seventh), Sri Lanka (eighth) and West Indies (Ninth).

Leasto is at the bottom of the rankings at the bottom of the 80th spot and his point is zero.

T20 rankings:

Ranking team points
1 Pakistan 286
2 South Africa 262
3 England 261
4 Australia 261
5 India 260
6 New Zealand 254
7 Afghanistan 241
8 Sri Lanka 227
9 West Indies 226
10 Bangladesh 220

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