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Pakistan bans PSL bans in India

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) ended a few days ago. Indian government imposed a ban on PSL broadcasting in India during the tournament in connection with the incident of Kashmir's Pulwama. The Pakistan Cricket Board has suffered a lot due to the ban on the tournament due to India's sanctions. Visitors of India are also deprived of the PSL's games. The Pakistan government has banned IPL broadcasting in the country and took revenge for it. Several media outlets, including ARY Sports, have reported this.

Pakistan's information and communications minister Fawad Chaudhry confirmed the ban on Pakistan in Pakistan. Talking to the media, the country's information minister said, "We all know what the Indian government did during the PSL. They stopped broadcasting PSL in India. We have also decided to ban the IPL broadcast in Pakistan. We believe this is the right decision. "

Starting from 23rd March this year's IPL season Royal Challengers Bangalore will be up against Chennai Super Kings in the inaugural day. The Pakistan government said the politics did not mix politics. But the Indian government shutting down the PSL broadcasts also stopped the IPL and took a kind of political transgression.

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