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Now the Cricket World Cup Nigeria!

Nigeria is called the 'Super Eagle' of Africa. In the Football World Cup, the African team is called this name. Since 1994, the football show has been shown in six World Cup football matches. Players like Nawanko Kanu, JJ Okocha, John Obie Mikeel have spread the light to Nigeria, and told Nigerian football as a football power around the world. But Nigeria could play in a world of cricket, it was probably not somebody's fantasy. But the team has surprised everyone by taking place in the 2020 of Under-19 World Cup.

Nigerians have replaced Sierra Leone by two wickets on Saturday, the last day of the World Cup qualification for the Under-20 World Cup in 2020. Nigerians made the all-out out to 138 runs in Sierra Leone. They reached the port of victory with 36 balls. Having won a historic victory, the African country made its first appearance in a World Cricket Hall of the Year for the first time.

Cricket is not new in Nigeria Long ago, the British took the hand of the British into the country. Nigerians played friendly matches against Ghana in 1904. Then there was the rise of football in cricket and it could not have developed there. But recently the country's interest in cricket has increased. Nigeria got membership as ICC Associate in 2002.

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