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Now Ronaldo is the world's most expensive car owner

May 2, 2010, 13:26 Updated: May 2, 2015, 13:41
Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo does not have the ability to show incredible performances in field football This star always talks outside the field. Ever made yourself present in fashion and getup, and the title of the news was also bought by the boys' salon. Outside of this, due to one of his hobbies, it is reported that, at the same time, buying a new model of expensive cars. This football superstar has the ability to buy the most modern models capable of running fast. According to the British media Daily Mail, the 33-year-old star has bought the model 'The Bugatti La Voetur Noar' model in France recently. The price of the car, including tax in Bangladeshi money, is about 160 crore taka.

The 'The Bugatti La Bhiwatour Noar' model is said to be the world's most expensive car made up till now. The car first appeared on the Geneva Motor Show in 2019. The French company made a single copy of luxury car on their 110th anniversary. And Ronaldo bought the only copy.

If the black-colored car makes roads and weather fit, it can increase the speed of up to 420 kilometers per hour. The world's famous W Sextin Turbocharged engine has been used in the car. However, Ronaldo will not be able to take the car down the road. Wait until next year. Some additional benefits and features will be added to the car. If all is well, the Portuguese star can run the car in 2021.

Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo admitted his own garage with expensive cars. Mercedes Callage C Sport Kop, Rolls-Royce Phantom, UJN Ferrari 5999 GTO, Lamborghini Avantador Apart from this, there are several valuable cars in this Juventus star collection.

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