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'No excuse for this failure'

Royal Challengers Bangalore's worst performance in the ongoing IPL is Bangalore. So far the game has lost all the six matches in the Virat Kohli team. The Indian captain has been under severe criticism in the team's failure.

Kohli is not satisfied with the team's failure. In this regard, he said, "The failure of the party is really frustrating. Our cricketers should play with more responsibility. Hopefully the players will turn around in the next match. '

Regarding the cause of the team failure, the Bangalore captain said, "Actually we can not use the opportunities we are getting. I have lost such opportunities in every match. But no excuse is given for this. '

Kohli said, "When the head does not work, then all the opportunities seem difficult. That's it with us. '

Expecting the team's success, the Indian captain said, "One request to all of the team, I started enjoying the match. This will also have an impact. '

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