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New Zealand are sending Bangladesh team back home soon

After the terrorist attacks in Christchurch mosque, the last Test of New Zealand-Bangladesh series was canceled. The match was scheduled to start on Saturday in the Hagley Oval ground near Al Nur Mosque. There is a panic among Bangladeshi players in this incident. The discussion is about when they will return to the country.

New Zealand cricket chief David White said that efforts are on to send Bangladesh cricket team back to the country. In this regard, he said, "The players of the two teams have been kept under tight security. However, as soon as possible the efforts of the Bangladesh team to return to the country are going on. New Zealand players outside the Christchurch are also being sent to their families.

The New Zealand Cricket official said this attack was "shocking", "It is a very serious matter. I would say 'terrifying' and 'shocking'. But New Zealand's playing security will change. "

Today a local terrorist strike happened on Friday afternoon. Witnesses said, "After a few minutes after the prayers began at 1:30 am local time, a gunman shot to the worshipers of Sijdah. The attackers ran away after breaking the window. '

Tamim and Mushfiq were going to read Jumuja prayers at Central Mosque in Central Mosque in Christchurch. Only then was the attack in the mosque.

When Tamim entered the mosque, an unidentified woman came and warned them, 'It is not right to go inside you, there are gunfire inside the mosque.'

After hearing about that woman, the team members of the Bangladesh team went to the bus and fell on the floor. After leaving the bus, the players entered the dressing room at the Hagley Oval Stadium in Christchurch. So the team members of Bangladesh team have been saved for a little bit.

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