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Nayema ​​on the ban on the ban!

Brazilian star Straiker Neymarra is struggling to strike with a fan after losing the French Cup final. Paris Saint-Germain star has been banned in three matches. The ban on Neymar from May 13 will be effective. Neymar will not be able to take part in the last two league matches of domestic football and a further match of the French Champions Trophy due to sanctions.

Neymar has been banned for three matches in the Champions League due to criticism of the referee in social media, Instagram, a few days ago. As a result, this star forward will not be able to play in their first three matches in the Champions League next season. Neymar's team PSG will be playing in the Champions League next season, due to being championed by the French League, despite being dropped from the round of sexton.

Note that, in the second leg of the Champions League Round of SixTeam match in the home ground in March, PSU faces Manuel. United won the penalty at the end of the match. In the last minute of the match, PSG's handpump in the press box of the D-box, in order to provide support for the VAR technology, Referee paid scamina penalty to Maniu. If the Marcus Rashford goal was scored from the penalty, the French champions had to be knocked out of the tournament. And with the penalties of Instagram, Neymar is in anger.

Neymar posted in the final at Instagram, 'It is really shameful. Four reviewers are kept in the VAER panel, who do not understand football. It is not possible to get a penalty. How can a man keep his hand behind? "Then this Brazilian star whispered the referee in fictitious language. UEFA did not see the criticism of Neymar So the detailed report of the incident has announced the restriction of the three match ban by the European Football Association.

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