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My sixs are big and tall, Russell low

Twenty-two or one-day cricket, when asked about the names of the two batsmen in this World Twenty20, West Indies Power Heater Chris Gayle and Andre Russell's name will definitely come in handy. The national team or the franchisee league, where they play, the two batters are desperate to bat against. Bowling in front of two West Indian batsmen is all about to bowl to the whole world. There is a left-hander in the Caribbean, and the other is right-handed, but there is a great mix of batting in both places. Two West Indian stars used to hit huge sixes. But the sixth largest of anybody? Chris Gayle has answered a question about cricket-related news media.

Chris Gayle's batting trademark is a huge six-wicket haul from wicket-keeper stand. Chris Gayle, who is used to batting in the absence of any wicket, condition, opponent bowler or play, is not a victim of anything. Gayle has named himself 'Universal Boss', who has scored 517 sixes in international cricket. Recently, Andre Russell has emerged as one of the strongest competitors in the six-match competition. However, Gayle said, "Of course, my sixs are the biggest. My sixs went up high and went away. On the other hand, Russell can bowl a lot, but his sixs go below. '

Gayle, who is more respected by both of them at the time, is more afraid of the one who is most afraid of him The name of the most frightening batsman said a little while laughing, 'Of course, the name of Universal Boss will come in the case. I started the culture of this scary. Of course Russell is on the list. The bowlers are very scared of him. '

Gayle, however, has accepted Andre Russell as one of the most devastating batsmen of the day. Encouraged the West Indian teammate and said, 'Russell, you're on the right track. Believe me, bowlers will be more afraid of you next day.

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